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Be Careful What You Wish For...You Might Get It.
Enter here and empty yourself of your preconceived ideas about who you are.  Let down your guard and your inhibitions and helplessly succumb to Feminine Power.  Abandon yourself and your masculine illusions to the Power of Woman, the Power of Sacred Truth, the Power of Goddess.  Abandon all pretense and surrender to One who knows what you are & what you really need.

About Me

I'm an intelligent, lifestyle FemDom and fetishist.  I've been honing my craft of women over men since my teenage years.  I believe in the Superiority of the female gender and the ascendancy of a female driven society. I also believe in My own superiority.  I practice what I preach in my everyday life, 24/7.  I answer to no man nor do I depend on one.  Men may share my world and my space when they know their place and can serve a useful purpose for me.   When I allow you to serve, it's not because I need you to, it's because I enjoy having you do it and your humiliation amuses me.  I know My Power and am extremely comfortable with it.  Once I grab hold of you, you are just putty in My hands or clay...ready to be molded & shaped the way I want you.

My Beliefs

FemDom & Female Supremacy

This isn't about me broadening my dating horizons or getting revenge on some male who played me dirty.  I am Dominant because I *AM* Dominant - and always have been.  Although the goal of my traditional upbringing was to mold me into a woman who would serve her man, it was just not in my natural makeup to do that.  I resisted that influence and remained true to who I knew I was and grew into the woman I am today.   Owning my Power & Superiority doesn't mean I hate men...well, not exactly, anyway.  I like & enjoy *some* men - I just recognize the inborn weaknesses of you all and I'm here to exploit that, amuse myself with it and benefit from it. Don't automatically include yourself in the subset of men that I might allow to get close to Me.  You probably DO NOT belong to that very, very small group.  And anyway, even if I liked you, that wouldn't stop me from using your weaknesses for my amusement. 



What is the core of male inferiority? I can sum it up in two words - "penis driven". Nuff said. Actually, there are other outstanding attributes that Women have that men don't, and those contribute to our Superiority, but the reason we win over and over again is due to the huge inborn flaw that all of you have. It's the penis thing. 

Now, if you've read this far and feel the Power of Truth vibrating thru your entire being, read on or call the Goddess now.  

But first, empty yourself and lay a sacrifice on My altar



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